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These files have been collected because we feel they provide an insight as to what is really going on in the world today and why. Most of it has to do with Depopulation and a One World Government being formed. The Pandemic was created to reduce global population in the short term and long term as well as to force change on people.

This is still being updated

World Economic Forum
WEF - Alumni List World Economic Forum: Global Leaders of Tomorrow & Young Global Leaders ALUMNI LIST Klaus Schwab brags about how the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM has penetrated governments around the world with its Young Global Leaders program. Basically building a 'Virtual' One World Government.

The Malone Institute (primarily Dr. Jill Glasspool-Malone and Anita Hasbury-Snogles), in collaboration with the Pharos foundation and Pharos Media Productions in Sweden, has invested months of time and hundreds of labor hours to mine existing and historic publicly available data sources to develop a detailed summary of graduates from two WEF training programs; the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders of Tomorrow (a one-year program that ran from 1993 to 2003) and Young Global Leaders (a five-year program started 2004/2005 and still running).

There are over 4000 people on the list.

Local copy updated: June 22, 2022

COVID-19: The Great Reset COVID-19: The Great Reset
by Klaus Schwab
Head of the World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum who sponsored Event 201 - a Global Coronavirus Pandemic simulation just 2 months before we had a Global Coronavirus Pandemic PDF PDF
COVID-19: The Great Reset The Fourth Industrial Revolution
by Klaus Schwab
Head of the World Economic Forum
Another book by Klaus Schwab, Head of the World Economic Forum PDF PDF
Crimson Contagion Crimson Contagion - Pandemic Simulation PANDEMIC SIMULATION - January to August 2019

Crimson Contagion was a joint exercise in which numerous national, state and local organizations participated in. It's purpose was to test the capacity of the government to respond to a pandemic of influenza originating in China.

Rockefeller Foundation Rockefeller FoundationLock Step - Pandemic Scenario

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

David Rockefeller
United Nations Business Council

COVID-19: The Great Reset SPARS Pandemic Scenario - 2025-2028 From Johns Hopkins University - the same groups who sponsored Event 201 - The global coronavirus pandemic simulation in 2019 just 6 weeks before we had a pandemic.

SPARS Pandemic scenario book

Behold A Pale Horse by Bill Cooper Behold A Pale Horse
by Bill Cooper
Former Naval Intelligence Officer
Bill Cooper reveals information about steps being taken to create a New World Order before he was assassinated by state troopers on his own propertyPDFPDF
Behold A Pale Horse by Bill Cooper Bloodlines of the Illuminati
by Fritz Springmeier
You've seen pieces of the puzzle, but still you wonder... Bloodlines of the Illuminati is a unique historical genealogical who's-doing-it book, rich in detail, providing a devastating exposé of the people and families who are THE movers and shakers of the United States and the entire world. You will recognize some of the names instantly. Many names have been purposely hidden from mainstream view. From international finance to war, presidents and dictators alike pay heed to these people. "Influence" doesn't even come close to describing their power. They have plans for you. Who are they? Author, Fritz Springmeier provides a wealth of material and inside information based on eyewitnesses. His outstanding research provides facts that are not available elsewhere. PDFPDF
Committee Of 300 Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee Of 300 by Dr. John Coleman Based on a conspiracy theory that a select group of elites controls every aspect of global affairs. PDF PDF
Committee Of 300 A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind by Stephen Mitford Goodson Ex-South African banker Stephen Goodson explains how the Central Banking "scam" originated, and how those who run it have throughout history used their power to subvert governments, and manufacture wars that not only produced vast profits, but frequently to topple 'regimes' whose banking system was not under their control. PDF PDF
Committee Of 300 IMPERIAL BRAIN TRUST: The Council on Foreign Relations & United States Foreign Policy by Laurence H. Shoup & William Minter This painstakingly researched book with revelations about howmonopoly capitalists in the Council on Foreign Relations carefully and secretively planned the policies of modern-day imperialism and then introduced them into government PDF PDF
The New World Order The New World OrderBook PDF PDF
The Rockefeller File The Rockefeller File The shocking true story of the wealthiest, most powerful family in America...The Rockefeller's! PDF PDF
Tragedy and Hope Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time
by Carroll Quigley
The book has attracted the attention of those interested in geopolitics due to Quigley's assertion that a secret society initially led by Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner and others had considerable influence over British and American foreign policy in the first half of the twentieth century. From 1909 to 1913, Milner organized the outer ring of this society as the semi-secret Round Table groups. PDFPDF
Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation - May 24, 2009 America's richest people meet to discuss ways of tackling a 'disastrous' environmental, social and industrial threat

Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Buffett, Bloomberg, Turner and Winfrey...met to talk about overpopulation.

Exactly one year later the Rockefeller Foundation published the Lock Step - Pandemic Scenario

Sov Ind Sovereign Independent - June 2011 Depopulation through Forced Vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution!

It's based on a 2010 Ted Talk by Bill Gates titled "Innovating To Zero" (as in Zero carbon emissions)

The so called "fact checkers" have labeled this false in the past simply due to the fact that they could not find the article to read it. Here is the full article and video that it's based on.

Video Clip:

George Magazine Feb 97 George Magazine Feb 97: Survival Guide To The Future (2020) "Worse-Case Scenario? An Over-populated Planet choked to Extinction by a Lung-Attacking Virus."

As well as a Bill Gates Interview by JFK Jr.

United Nations
UN Agenda21 United Nations Agenda21 United Nations Conference on Environment & Development - Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992 - AGENDA 21 PDF PDF
US Government
Air Force: Weather as a Force Multiplier Air Force: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025Weather Manipulation September 2000 PDF PDF
Kissinger Report NSSM-200 is “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” (Kissinger Report)Depopulation PDF PDF
Rebuilding America's Defenses Rebuilding America's DefensesA Report of The Project for the New American Century

A call for a NEW PERAL HARBOR to get money and support for rebuilding the US Military
That event was 9/11


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